Surface treatment

Tanabe (Thailand) CO.,LTD. was established as the surface treatment service company for automobile parts, computer parts, and electronics parts at the 304 Industrial Park (Prachinburi) In 1996, and has grown largely with the development of Thailand's economy. Since the establishment, we have provided excellent products and services and achieved high evaluations from domestic.

Electroless Nickel Plating

The products is coated by nickel film which is lead free ,uniform thickness , excellent hardness and regardless of shape , suitable for computer component parts ,electronics part and automobile products...

Zinc plating

It is very popular in electro plating ,can be applied with hanger and barrel equipment. It is suitable for automobile parts ,and electronic parts. To obtain its corrosive protection ,it is able to apply on steel and zinc die casting.

Electro Deposition Plating

It is smooth coating surface ,high corrosive protection and uniform color and coating thickness ,as well as high adhesion of coating film, it is suitable for products which is complex shape to difficult for painting such as...


It is a chemical reaction to generate the corrosive protection film on products. It is suitable for automobile part as stainless ,aluminium and zinc die casting.

Hard chrome plating

The products is coated with chromium, which is high corrosive protection ,high temperature , smooth surface ,glossy ,and durable for high friction. Moreover, it is highest hardnessoducts of automotive industry.

Immersion Tin Plating

This is electroless plating on aluminium alloy ,it is able to obtain tin coating film ,which is good ductility and friction resistance, suitable for work that smooth contacted surface required.

Hoop Plating

This is a electro plating with reel to reel technique. The products is coated with any material such as gold , copper, nickel , tin and silver. Its plating area can be controlled with masking technology as...

Zinc Nickel Plating

It is one of electro plating technique that is very high corrosive protection, moreover ,the hardness is more than 3 time of zinc plating, it is suitable for automobile parts. This is able to apply on steel and casting iron

Quality Control

Tanabe Thailand take complete control of all processes and perform meticulous analysis to achieve a satisfactory quality control. We can obtain precise information more quickly with the help of many different kinds of analysis equipment ...

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