KMA ULTRAVENT® air extraction and filtration systems

Quality Generates Satisfaction

Quality generates satisfaction - worldwide

Decentralised ULTRAVENT® (UV-II) exhaust air filtration system with two-part extraction hood and double electrostatic precipitator (India)
ULTRAVENT® extraction hoods above large-scale machines, which are connected to a centralised filtration system (South Korea)
One-part hood with specially-made doors (left side) to extend spray robot during hood movement (Germany)
UV-II 15000 and UV-II 10000, each equipped with double electrostatic precipitators (Thailand)

With KMA ULTRAVENT® exhaust air filtration systems foundries assure the legislations concerning occupational safety and environmental protection (Germany)

UV-II 15000 and UV-II 1Several small-size die casting machines equipped with two-part extraction hoods and ULTRAVENT® exhaust air filters (Portugal)0000, each equipped with double electrostatic precipitators (Thailand)
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