Product Lineup

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) come in three basic types and are capable of carrying loads of up to 600kg.


Dimensions*1 : W600mm x L800mm x H 370mm
Weight : 160kg
Max load Cap : load capacity : 200kg
Limit : 600mm x 630mm
Charging : 2 hr.
Climbing ability*2 : 2 degrees


Dimensions*1 : W600mm x L1300 x H 430mm
Weight : 300kg
Max load Cap : 500kg
Limit : 600mm x 1100mm
Charging : 4 hr.
Climbing ability*2 : 2 degrees


Dimensions*1 : W520mm x L620mm x H900mm
Weight : 140kg
Max load Cap : 100kg
Limit : 300mm x 450mm
Charging : 2 hr.
Climbing ability*2 : 0 degrees

*1 Exterior dimensions do not include bumper sections.  To calculate dimensions including bumpers, add 38 mm to dimensions shown.
*2 Maximum climbing ability is rated at 4, but limits apply due to load capacities.



AGV which is automotive vehicle to facilitate production work conduct to reduce manpower cost as well as relatively limited area.

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